WAZUG NL 52: Xpirit

donderdag 01 nov 2018 in Hilversum

Donderdag 1 november 2018 was de 52e bijeenkomst van de Nederlandse Microsoft Azure User Group. Dit keer was Xpirit zo vriendelijk om de locatie in Hilversum te sponsoren. We hadden twee sprekers bereid gevonden om de avond te vullen met interessante sessies.

De agenda zag er als volgt uit:

17:30u Inloop & ontvangst

18:00u - 18:30u Diner

18:30u - 18:35u Welkomstwoord 

18:35u - 19:30u Sessie 1: Geert van der Cruijsen (Xpirit) - Azure Powered Bots: Building chatbots from idea to production

Building chatbots that work on skype, facebook, telegram, Microsoft Teams, Slack etc sounds hard. But not if we use the power of the cloud! In this session Geert will explain how to build your own bots using the power of Azure Bot Service, Microsoft Bot Framework V4 and language understanding using Luis.ai. During the session we will cover all areas involved in building a successful production ready bot. Starting from the initial idea to getting a prototype working as fast as possible to actually running it in production on channels such as skype, facebook or telegram. After this session you'll be fully ready to build your own bot that will conquer the world (if Sarah Connor doesn't stop it).

19:30u - 19:40u Korte pauze

19:40u - 20:40u Sessie 2: Marc Duiker (Xpirit) - Azure Durable Functions
(source code: https://github.com/marcduiker/demos-azure-durable-functions)

Working with one Azure Function is easy but what about when you have dozens? How can you make them work together without creating a serverless monolith? How can you make sure they will run reliably? In this session I’ll show how you can orchestrate your Azure Functions by using Durable Functions. This extension allows you to write orchestration functions in C# which are stateful and long running. I’ll show some typical use cases where Durable Functions make sense and code samples of various orchestration functions to explain patterns such as function chaining and fan-out/fan-in.

20:40u - 21:15u Borrel


Laapersveld 27
1213 VB Hilversum

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