WAZUGNL 24: Inovativ (Amstelveen)

woensdag 21 jan 2015 in Amstelveen

Op woensdag 21 januari 2015 waren we te gast bij Inovativ in Amstelveen voor onze 24e Azure gebruikersgroepmeeting. We hadden een agenda die met name IT Pro's aansprak. Maar uiteraard waren PaaS liefhebbers ook welkom.

De agenda zag er als volgt uit:

17.00u–17:30u Inloop & ontvangst

18.05u–19.00u Azure IaaS: Een overview voor IT-Pro’s (Marc van Eijk, Azure MVP)
The only thing that is constant in IT is change! IT pros are being challenged to keep up with the emerging requirements for the cloud and learn the new skills needed to meet those requirements. If you’re an experienced IT Pro but you haven’t spent much time with Microsoft Azure, you’ll appreciate this demo packed session on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This session for Windows systems administrators, will walk you through virtual machines, virtual networks, storage and cross-premises connectivity. Still coming up with arguments that the cloud is not for you? Join Microsoft Azure MVP Marc van Eijk to find out these arguments are gone. Now is the time to learn about Microsoft Azure and upgrade your skills for the future.

19.00u–19.15u Koffie

19.15u–20.15u Azure AD: Identity vanuit de Cloud (Maarten Goet, Cloud & Datacenter MVP)
In the 13+ years since the original Active Directory product launched with Windows 2000, it has grown to become the default identity management and access-control solution for over 95% of organizations around the world. But, as organizations move to the cloud, their identity and access control also need to move to the cloud. As companies rely more and more on SaaS-based applications and the range of cloud-connected devices being used to access corporate assets continue to grow, along with the increased use of more hosted and public cloud capacity, companies must expand their identity solutions to the cloud. With this in mind, Microsoft set out to build a solution. Join seven-year Microsoft MVP Maarten Goet in this hands-on session featuring Windows Azure Active Directory and get your identity management for Hybrid IT fast-track started today!

20.15u–21.00u Afsluiting & Borrel


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1185 XR Amstelveen
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