WAZUGNL 15: Virtual Affairs in Amsterdam

donderdag 29 aug 2013 in Amsterdam

Donderdag 29 augustus 2013 was er een bijeenkomst van de Nederlandse Windows Azure User Group. Dit speciale event stond in het teken van Windows Azure & Infrastructure as a Service. We vulden dit thema in met interessante en verrassende sessies. Virtual Affairs was zo vriendelijk om de locatie in Amsterdam en de catering te sponsoren.

Windows Azure User Group Meetings zijn bedoeld voor alle architecten, engineers en consultants die interesse hebben in -en/of ervaring hebben met- het Windows Azure platform. We moedigen dan ook iedereen aan collega's en klanten uit te nodigen om zich te laten informeren en inspireren door onze sprekers. 

De agenda zag er als volgt uit:

  • 17:00u Inloop & ontvangst
  • 17:30u-17:40u Welkomstwoord Virtual Affairs & WAZUG NL
  • 17:40u-18:00u Sessie 1: Valery Jacobs (Valid) – Windows Azure Update

    This short session gives an overview of all the new features in Azure that were introduced since our last event. Afraid you missed something on the Azure front? This session brings you up-to-date.

  • 18:00u-19:00u Diner
  • 19:00u-20:00u Sessie 2: Bert Wolters & Robbert van der Zwan (Inter Access) – A closer look at Windows Azure IaaS

    As IT implementers, architects and technology leaders, very often, you’re in the spotlight. It’s your job to make things happen. Whether your company has acquired a new organization and there’s integration work to do;  business is booming and new branch offices have to be set up; you’re entering new markets with new products; or there’s a vision to deliver more efficient IT operations. Your team is expected to deliver.  And not only deliver, but deliver at a new, much faster pace. Provision capacity right away, upgrade apps with new databases yesterday, take non-compliant old hardware out of the datacenter now, build test labs for your developers in a snap, prototype that new partner collaboration site. As you know, the list goes on. When you’re in that spotlight, think of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services with Virtual Machines and Virtual Network. With Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, you get a set of tools that help you address growing business needs,including compute power, on-premises connected secure network and durable storage.  Let’s take a closer look….

  • 20:00u-21:00u Sessie 3: Patriek van Dorp (Sogeti) – Bursting to the Cloud in 1 hour

    Because applications seldom stand on their own, developers are more often facing challenges that cover skills of both Developers and IT Pros. In order to overcome these challenges, both expertises need to evolve towards each other. DevOps are born! This session will show developers how they can extend an existing on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud to facilitate their Cloud applications. The whole process will take no longer than 1 hour and can all be done from the comfort of Visual Studio.

  • 21:00u-21:30u Borrel


Virtual Affairs
Daniel Goedkoopstraat 14
1096 BD Amsterdam

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Ook interesse om te sponsoren en/of een meeting te hosten? Spreek een bestuurslid aan tijdens een meeting of mail naar meeting@wazug.nl.


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